Youth Program

Our Philosophy

We aim to create an enriching environment for all who love rowing and coxing and are willing to work hard at it – a rewarding experience for athletes of all abilities. In the process of learning how to row & race, the program aims to teach athletes valuable lessons & behaviors that will help them be happy, successful, confident, and productive members of society.

  • Overall Focus
    • Athletes are engaged and having fun
    • Discover and enable individual athlete goals
    • Match like goals to make a space for every athlete’s interest
    • Encourage athletes to reach further by removing barriers
    • Recognize and celebrate differences
    • Adherence to the code of conduct
    • The team is greater than the individual
    • Foster excitement for the sport of rowing
  • Program Goals
    • Encourage a celebration of diversity
      • Recognize and acknowledge differences
      • Use preferred pronouns
    • Participate in community service opportunities
    • Engage in fundraisers
      • Maintain cost-conscious programming
      • Enable equipment purchases, maintenance, upgrades
    • Support club-wide initiatives
    • Provide scholarship opportunities

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