Middle School Team

Youth in 7th and 8th grades can participate in the middle school program. Coaches work with rowers to help them learn sculling skills, feel comfortable, and gain confidence in a fun, no-stress environment of their peers. Practice sessions focus on 1-rower boats (sometimes 2-rower boats) and have a small coach-to-rower ratio.

Fall 2023Sept 11
– thru –
Oct 13
– to –
Sunday 10/8
Lakewood, WA

To get started, we use iCrew for our registration process, payment processing, and applicable forms. New users can start creating their accounts here. Athletes who have been participating with OAR since fall 2021 will need to join the team through their existing iCrew account directly.

season guide
Youth Fall 2023
Youth Spring 2023

Summer (new rowers)
Many new rowers and coxswains start in Learn to Row Summer Camps. Athletes in these camps are introduced to the sport of rowing and teamwork. One of the camps offers the opportunity to race at a regatta in Seattle.

The fall season starts in mid-September and runs for 5 weeks with practices 3 days/week. Practices are on water with an optional competition at the end of the season.

The spring season starts in April and runs for 6 weeks with practices 3 days/week. Practices are on water with the potential for a competition at the end of the season. These races are mostly side-by-side short races against other teams at a time.

Summer (experienced rowers)
Completing the cycle, returning, experienced rowers, can row over the summer. With the heavier competitive spring/fall seasons being complete, the focus is more on technical development and having fun!