Individual Lessons

OAR offers lessons with one of our coaches for 1-2 adult rowing students (ie: over the age of 18). Lessons are each 2-hours long and include all rowing equipment (boat, oars, etc), set-up, and clean-up. Most students new to the sport will need around 3-5 lessons to have a good understanding of the rowing stroke.

Lessons are sculling and can be arranged in a variety of different ways:

  • 1 student in a 1-rower boat
  • 2 students in two 1-rower boats
  • 2 students in a 2-rower boat

Things to consider when looking to arrange lessons:

  • What is the student’s rowing experience?
  • What are the student’s goals for the lessons?
  • When is the student looking to get out on the water?

Students are limited to 5 lessons each calendar year. If students choose to join OAR, there are additional lesson benefits including reduced rates, more boat types, and unlimited number of lessons.

Current OAR coaching staff opt in to accept private lessons, so not all coaches may be available for lessons. This may change as coach availability often changes with the rowing seasons. Students should check on iCrew to get a general understanding for when coach availability tends to be (ie: if a program is running, it is unlikely that coaches and equipment will be available).

Gift Certificates
Lessons can be purchased as gifts for others. Please contact us for a certificate at You can purchase the lessons as a guest for someone else below: