Volunteer Roles

OAR depends on volunteers to help with a wide range of administrative and operational needs to keep running. The best part? Most roles can be done in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home!

There are also volunteering needs with our Committees and on the Board of Directors. We also have volunteering opportunities for events that OAR hosts and community opportunities through which OAR gives back.

Email Manager for Hello@
(reply to general club inquiries)
Email Manager for Volunteer@
(finding people to fill volunteer roles, track volunteer hours)
Email Manager for Events@
(finding people to volunteer for events)
Email Manager for Scholarship@
(coordinate scholarship awards between PRF and OAR)
Joanna Briese
Email Manager for Membership@
(answer inquiries about adult membership, joining, renewals,
account help, coordinating assessment rows)
Email Manager for Adults@
(answer inquiries about the adult coached team, joining,
coordinating assessment rows)
Email Manager for Youth@
(answer inquiries about the youth team, joining)
Email Manager for Camp@
(answer inquiries about youth summer camps, registration)
Email Manager for LTR@
(answer inquiries about youth summer camps, registration)
Email Manager for Lessons@
(answer inquiries about adult individual lessons, registration,
coordination with a coach)
Email Manager for Help@
(help with iCrew account problem solving)
Trailer Drivers
(individuals need to have vehicles with towing capacity and
experience towing large equipment)
Trailer Co-Drivers
(individuals who can ride along and support driver with
turns, parking, etc)
Kitchen Coordinators
(coordinate regatta menus, drive the trailer, manage food
Haley Bosco
Jocelyn McCabe
Lianne Glatthaar
Regatta Hotel Coordinator
(make hotel block reservations for away regattas well in
advance, coordinate/manage/distribute to coached teams)
Stacie Roark
Social Media Content Creators/Managers
(make posts to social media accounts, reply to and
manage inquiries)
More helpers please!
Ellie Bird
Gretchen Van Dusen
Jim Bertolini
Jocelyn McCabe
Miles Micheletti
Website Managers
(update website with new content/programming,
restructure/revamp as needed)
Andrea Morato
Eric Wilson
Jill Williams
Roy Emory
Print Marketing Producers
(create signs, flyers, and other promotional material
to distribute)
More helpers please!
Jocelyn McCabe
Marketing Strategy/Campaign Managers
(lead on strategy for cross discipline marketing
More helpers please!
Jocelyn McCabe
(compose and distribute press releases, newsletter
More helpers please!
Jocelyn McCabe
Stacey Genzlinger
Equipment Repairs & Maintenance
(fixing all of the shells/oars that break, sending out
launches for maintenance/repairs, unique projects)
More helpers please!
Dan Bryant
Lara Wheeler
Rick Peterson
Safety Supplies Manager
(launch boxes, monthly PFD checks)
More helpers please!
Liz Dykstra
(sweeping, trash)
Martha Isbister
Lost & Found Coordinator
(monthly boathouse round-up items and coordinating
owners, end of season donation)
Boathouse Cleaning
(washing windows, replacing lightbulbs, emergency
services liaison)
Towel Fairies
(weekly cleaning of boathouse towels)
Erica Frost
Wendy Bayer
OAR Merchandise Coordinator
(coordinating spring/fall OAR-branded gear and
spring/fall uniform orders)
Brenda McGuigan
Historical Document Scanning/Organizing
(collating multiple boxes of OAR documents, scanning,
sorting into cloud server)
PayrollKathy Emory
BookkeepingBob Maki
Helen Kramer
Youth Nationals Coordinator
(coordinate any athletes/families qualifying for Nationals,
usually a parent of an participating athlete)