Become a Member

OAR provides an opportunity for adults at any experience level to enjoy rowing on Budd Inlet. Club membership is not required for Youth Program participants. OAR’s Membership Manual (rev. 10/2021) can be found here (learn more about the Volunteer Commitment).

Freebie Rows
Prior to joining, rowers are entitled to 3 “freebie” rows coordinated with coaches, captains, and other club members to share what OAR has to offer! You can get started here and will need to bring a completed copy of USRowing’s Waiver and OAR’s Participation Agreement.

Independent/Recreational Rowing
Adult Program members who are certified can row alone or with other members any day and at any time during daylight hours, provided equipment is available and not already in use. We encourage new rowers to get to know each other so they can row together for safety and support.

Private Lessons
Members also have Private Lesson perks: unlimited number of lessons at a reduced rate.

New to the Sport?

If you are new to the sport, you must first take a Learn to Row class or complete some Private Lessons and then join the club.

Already a Rower?

If you are an experienced rower, but new to OAR, you must create an account on iCrew and connect with the Captain and Head Masters Coach for assessment to be able to go out and row independently.

The rowing ‘year’ starts on February 1st and membership fees are due at that time. A 3-payment option is available. New members joining for the first time may be eligible for pro-rated fees and an adjusted three-payment schedule. After June 1, however, all membership dues must be paid in full.

Rowers interested in joining will need to create an account in iCrew and complete all documents and fees. The following documents are completed outside of iCrew and logged into the system for tracking purposes: