Olympia Area Rowing is situated on Budd Inlet, at the southern-most reach of Puget Sound. It is bordered by the stately trees of Priest Point Park, grand homes and cottages, marinas, restaurants and even a golf course. Gull Harbor, accessible only at high tide, is tucked away on the far side of a sand bar just to the northwest. The waters are home to playful harbor seals, perky geoducks (clams), and smacks of jellyfish, while eagles, herons, gulls and other water birds skim across the waves. Many mornings the water is flat/calm, with very little boat traffic. An ideal place for a morning row.

Winter Training (2022-23)
Looking to get started in the sport of rowing? Or looking to stay fit over the winter with some low-impact, full-body cross-training? Our indoor winter training season is a fun team environment with strength & conditioning sessions and aerobic sessions on the indoor rower.

We’ve partnered with Edge Fitness for our winter training this year! No previous experience necessary to join us and stay fit over the winter!

Program summary is below (view the full calendar here).

TeamSeason DatesPractice
High School YouthNovember 16, 2022
– thru –
January 28, 2023
M T W Th F*
4:00p – 5:20p
AdultNovember 28, 2022
– thru –
February 25, 2023
M T Th**
6:00p – 7:20p

7:00a – 8:20a
8:30a – 9:50a
* Mondays – Thursdays athletes will have 2 strength/conditioning sessions and 2 erg sessions. Fridays are optional erg practices.
** Weekday sessions will be have an indoor rower priority with potential for a strength/conditioning session. Saturdays at 7:00a are a dedicated strength/conditioning session. Saturdays 8:30a are a dedicated indoor rower session.

To get started, we use iCrew for our registration process, payment processing, and applicable forms. New users can start creating their accounts here. Athletes who have been participating with OAR since fall 2021 will need to join the team through their existing iCrew account directly.