Learn to Row

There are 2 “styles” of rowing: scull and sweep. The rowing motion, terminology, and equipment is largely the same between them, so students who start with one usually find it easy to pick up the other. We offer entry level scull and sweep rowing classes that teach from the very first time someone touches an oar… students don’t have to have any prior rowing experience to be able to join either class.

  • Learn to Scull: Sculling is rowing a boat with 2 oars per person. Learn to Scull classes use beginning-level rowing shells with 1 rower per shell.
  • Learn to Sweep: Sweeping is rowing in a boat with 1 oar per person. Boats need to have an even number of rowers in them. Lean to Sweep classes utilize multi-person boats where rowers practice on the water alongside experienced rowers.

After each of our learn to row classes, adult rowers are entitled to 3 “freebie” rows coordinated with coaches, captains, and other club members to share what OAR has to offer! Learn more about the steps after a Learn to Row class here.

Questions? Contact Learn.to.Row@OlympiaAreaRowing.org

Learn to Scull


In this 5-session class, students learn how to handle the shells, basic rowing technique, and safety. The first session is an introduction to rowing on the indoor rowing machine with on-water safety information. The following four days of class involve on-water training with water safety tests at the very end of the class.

Sculling classes are limited to 4 rowers to ensure positive, productive, and empowering experiences for all. Spots are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn to Sweep

Learn to Sweep focuses on basic sweep rowing technique, teamwork, and rowing safety. Students practice on the water alongside experienced volunteers to ensure the utmost in safety.