At Olympia Area Rowing, we are a non-profit and depend on volunteers to help us continue to operate, both in an administrative sense, but also for events, both ones that we host and partnerships within our community. Below are some of the various ways that volunteers can help OAR function and grow in the community.

Stay tuned for OAR Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteer Commitment
The Club expects and needs every member to be an active member, volunteering a minimum of 12 hours per year to benefit the club. Currently, this is on an honor system. Members may choose to “buy out” their volunteer hours for $240 per year (12 hours at $20/hour). Many members work considerably more hours than the minimum because there is always something that needs doing. Donating time, effort, and energy will help the club run more smoothly and make more activities possible for everyone. It is expected that every member will step up and take the initiative to find ways to assist in any way they can.FROM THE MEMBERSHIP MANUAL, REV. 10/2021

Jill Williams
OAR Volunteer Coordinator