Coached Team

Adult rowers of all ages and abilities are welcome! Along with singles and doubles available for recreational use, we also offer coached programming for adults who have completed at least a Learn to Row (scull or sweep) and now want to row on a regular basis in a coached environment.

Those wishing to participate in coached sessions must be members of OAR. Additional season fees cover the cost of running the coached season (eg: coach/admin time, launch fuel).

On-water practices are generally 2-hours. Rowers are encouraged to show up 15-minutes prior to practice start time to help prepare and set-up equipment for the day.

The schedule varies depending on season and time of year. Check our calendar to see when coached practices are held.

  • Spring: On-water rowing, opt-in racing of 1k-2k distances, usually March through June
  • Fall: On-water rowing, opt-in racing of 5k distances, usually July through early-November
  • Winter: On-land training (indoor rowing machines, free weights, body circuits, yoga, mobility), usually December through February
Full SeasonMarch 9
– to –
June 30
Allows access
to all rowing practices
10 session Punch CardMarch 9
– to –
June 30
Unlimited purchases,
but only for use during
spring season
Practice datesStart DATeDaysTimes
Saturday MorningsMarch 9Sat7:00a to 9:00a
9:00a to 11:00a*
Weekday EveningsMarch 12Tu/Th6:00p to 8:00p
Weekday MorningsApril 16Tu/Th5:30a to 7:30a
To get started, we use iCrew for our registration process, payment processing, and applicable forms. New users can start creating their accounts here. Athletes who have been participating with OAR since fall 2021 will need to join the team through their existing iCrew account directly.

* This session may not always be available

The skill levels are structured to accommodate rowers of all goals/interests. As such, they are rather fluid: rowers may be one level in a 1x and another level in a team boat. With this in mind, rowers can participate in more than one level (ie: level 2 & level 3 practices). For example, if an L4 rower wants technical focus, they could join an L2 session.

Progressing to a more technical skill level is in part an assessment of coaching staff. If rowers are uncertain where they fit, they should work with their coach or reach out to our Head Masters Coach.

LevelsDetailsBoat Types
Level 1Beginner athlete new to rowing. Participants are enrolled in the Learn to Row classes.Scull: Maas Aero
Sweep: 8+
Level 2Novice rower who is able to row independently and rower with experience who is returning to rowing after time away and seeks to refresh skills. Rower is gaining technical skills and increasing endurance on the water.Singles: Maas Aero, Maas 24

Introduction to Team Boats
Level 3Intermediate rowers who can confidently row with power and over longer distances (at least 2,000m continuous rowing). Improving technical skills, endurance, and team boat skills.Singles: Maas 24, racing 1x

Focus on Team Boats: 2x, 4x, 4+, 8+
Level 4Advanced rower with several years of experience and possibly racing experience. Rower comfortably and confidently rows an advanced boat (eg: racing single).Singles: Maas 24, racing 1x

Focus on Team Boats: 2x/-, 4x, 4+, 8+
Level 5Self-organized rowers with focus on practice intensity. Rowers meet at agreed on times to do interval and distance training. Often focusing on goals for the upcoming racing season.
The coaching fee is applied only when there is a coach present for a practice.
Singles: racing 1x
Doubles with Captain’s approval.

Singles and Team Boats