OAR Junior Program

Every year, OAR hosts a free Learn to Row Day the first Saturday in June at the boathouse. Students over 13 are welcome to come down and try it out, by rowing in an eight-person boat with some experienced rowers and a coach.

New rowers may join at the start of the summer, fall and winter seasons, and are not required to participate every season. All high school age athletes are welcome.

The OAR rowing experience by design emphasizes high quality, which is accomplished by maintaining a high coach-to-rower ratio, and a coaching structure that includes a head coach to maintain overall program consistency and organization.  Additionally, the team structure includes a girls’ team and a boys’ team each having a lead coach and assistant coach(es), enhancing team building and overall cooperative spirit.  And, the season includes a robust regatta schedule that provides a competitive racing opportunity for all participants.

Fall Season focuses on building endurance and developing technical skills. Fall races are typically 2.5 to four miles long, and are called “head” races because they are often rowed at the head of a river. Novice rowers participate in three races and experienced rowers participate in up to five races in the fall season.

During the Winter season, juniors have an optional gym and weightlifting class, coached in an indoor environment usually at one of the local gyms. The Spring season is the most competitive.

Spring season has races called “sprints,” ranging from 1000 to 2000 meters in length (typically four to eight minutes long, depending on the level of the rowers and the conditions of the waterway).

Summer season     Mid-June to first weekend of August
Fall season     Late August to early November
Winter season     November through January
Spring season     Early February to end of May

Where to begin?
At the start of each season, you must register through Regatta Central and fill out some paperwork – Medical Release and Emergency Contacts, Physical Examination, Code of Conduct Agreement and Swim Test, as well as sign the USRowing waiver online. Please click on the link below for instructions.

2018 Spring Season Program Guide
Youth Program Handbook