Youth Program

Our philosophy – row well, go fast, have fun!

We aim to create an enriching environment for all who love rowing and coxing and are willing to work hard at it – a rewarding competitive experience for athletes of all abilities. In the process of learning how to row and race, the program aims to teach athletes valuable lessons and behaviors that will help them be happy, successful, confident and productive members of society.

Our coaches have rowed in everything from high school to international levels. They bring a desire to share the amazing experiences and lessons that rowing gave them. They are deep in both coaching rowing and youth program experience. Many have taken advanced, formal rowing coaching (and other youth sports) training. With their approach of safety first, they are all certified in first aid, CPR, boater safety, and US Rowing Safe Sports.

Many new rowers first start in our Novice Summer Camps (for both middle school and high school students) in June and July.

For high school students, we then offer a:
5-day-a-week Fall Season (ten weeks, starting the week before Labor Day),
4-day-a-week gym-based Winter Training Program (from mid-Nov to end of Jan),
5-day-a-week Spring Season (from mid-Feb to mid-May).

New athletes can join the team in the Summer, Fall or Winter, but not the Spring without prior rowing experience.

We have over 60 student athletes participating in the program, from every high school in the region. Some athletes participate every season, all year around. Others take a season off to pursue other sporting interests – and we are fully supportive of that.

Rowing has been described as the ultimate team sport! If you are interested in trying it out, please check out our program handbook that should answer many questions you may have or visit our Facebook page.

Of course, please feel free to contact us with any questions! Good initial points of contact are our parent volunteer reps and our coaches.