Here is a video of Charlotte Hollings demonstrating true natural rowing technique. Charlotte Hollings and John Dunn are both U.S. National Team medalists and co-owners and rowing coaches at Calm Waters Rowing, a rowing camp for beginning and experienced rowers alike.

These videos are part of the “Introduction to Rowing Technique” series produced by Calm Waters Rowing.

Rowing in general, good overview of technique (2:15)

Set up (Shows good technique for locking far oar in. Talks about sizing the stretchers and oar locks) (3:53)

Relax stay horizontal (4:24)

Finish and Release: Rowing for Power (6:42)

Recovery to Catch: How to Position Your Hands and Hold Your Oars (4:47)

Recovery to Catch 2: Body & Blade Preparation (5:48)

ABCs of a Powerful Drive: Perfecting Your Rowing Technique (4:59)

Mastering the Drive: Expert Rowing Technique (4:29)

How to Steer Your Scull (4:25)

What to do if you Capsize (2:27)

The Complete Rowing Stroke Demonstrated by Olympic Gold Medalists

Other helpful videos

Slow motion technique (Silent) (1:12)

How to Have Proper Rowing Technique (1:22)

Sweep Stroke (3:07)

A good race to watch. Women’s 1x Sculls Finals at the Athens Olympics in 2004 – keep an eye on the blue boat!

Men’s Pair Gold – London 2012 Olympics – Brodie Buckland rows for Australia in this race

Rowing Women’s Eight Final – London 2012 Olympic Games