Registration documents for the Junior Program

The following are commonly-requested registration documents:

Swim Test Form (good for five years)
Code of Conduct

A Physical Examination Form is required annually. This can be (a copy of) your doctor’s form or the school district form.

A US Rowing Waiver is required for participation in all our programs, and either Basic (Fall) or Championship (Spring) Membership to race in regattas. Specific instructions can be found in our seasonal guide.


OAR’s mission is to promote competitive and recreational rowing in our Olympia community, fostering sportsmanship, teamwork, athleticism and camaraderie. As much as is fiscally possible, OAR strives to overcome financial boundaries that would impede participation.

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation (GPRF) teams with OAR to process and provide scholarship support. OAR is very grateful to the Gretchen Steiger Scholarship Fund, a primary OAR scholarship fund source, which allows many rowers the ability to participate when challenged by limited fiscal resources. Need-based scholarships cover a wide range (10%-100%) of program fees. The GPRF processes all scholarship applications via an on-line scholarship application form:

OAR-Pocock Foundation Scholarship Application

If you apply for a scholarship, select “pay by check” at online registration. You will be notified about your scholarship by Craig Baker, Volunteer Parent Representative for Scholarships.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please reach out to Craig Baker (360) 970-2480, Volunteer Parent Representative for Scholarships.


For Registration questions, please contact Mike Bosco (360) 742-0658, Volunteer Parent Representative for Registration

For Payment questions please contact Ewa Dirkx, Volunteer Parent Representative for Junior Treasurer.

For Scholarship questions please contact Craig Baker (360) 970-2480, Volunteer Parent Representative for Scholarships.