Adult Rowing

During Spring 2021, OAR is providing sculling programs to adult rowers with all participants rowing singles. See below for information on rowing in doubles. We offer programs for all skill and experience levels.
Please see the Levels listed below.
NEW rowers (Level 1) should go to the Learn to Scull tab on the OAR website.

OAR continues to review and revisit the WA state Covid restrictions and adjust, but currently there is no team boat rowing. We are looking at adding quads as more members are vaccinated.

If you are a returning rower who hasn’t been on the water in a while, there’s a place for you. With a mix of all ages and abilities, we welcome you to join us. If you aren’t sure where you fit, please contact Gretchen Van Dusen,

Spring 2021 Schedule See below for more information defining the Levels

Level 2 – Sunday 7- 9am
Level 3 – Saturday 9-11am, Tuesday 5:45-7:45pm, Thursday 5:45-7:45pm
Level 4 – Saturday 6:30-8:30am
Level 5- Self organized by rowers; coaching will be offered in the future

OAR spring programs began March 27. We anticipate running programs through Fall of 2021. The cost for the program is $15 per class and is billed monthly based on the log-in schedule. You will receive more information on the schedule and boat access after joining OAR.

Rowing “social doubles”
Unvaccinated rowers who wish to row in a double may do so by choosing a partner of similar rowing level and agreeing between the two of you to essentially “merge” your family bubbles. If the two of you are experienced rowers, you may row independently; otherwise, you may row with a coached program.

Fully vaccinated rowers are rowers who have been fully vaccinated and have
passed two weeks after their second “jab.” The CDC says that fully vaccinated people may meet with other fully vaccinated people inside, without masks, for extended periods of time. Therefore, it seems reasonably safe for fully vaccinated rowers to row in a double, outside, unmasked. However, this is clearly a personal choice.
OAR members who attest to being fully vaccinated rowers may row with any other fully vaccinated rower in a double. It is not necessary for it to remain with the same partner.

Doubles opportunities will require a personal agreement and waiver.

Coaches: Gretchen Van Dusen, Kathryn Reith, Helen Kramer
Questions? Need more information? Contact Gretchen Van Dusen at

Definition of rowing skill levels from beginner to self organized.